(why) design

Layers. Structures. Screenshots. Depth of field.
Depth of perspective. Corners. Lines. Symbols. Collage.

Spitballing ideas for a clothing brand as I work on creating their visual identity. Showing the process of design by exposing its lines, its structures.

Revealing, showing the story and how it is made.


Categorical archiving 


How can we relate the design aesthetic to the story of the pieces?

Each craft has its own nuts and bolts, its own process.

The design process, (stylised in its own right) is a process of adapting lines, fitting content to a form, which when these lines are removed, will allow the piece to float in its own negative space. Held in place by unseen forces, which if done well, give us a feeling of conscientious thought.

“How do we let this work excel in the mind of the viewer, by supporting it with aspects that the audience will never see?”

As we develop the  identity and brand message as much as for the design, we have come up with the line:

“As human as possible.”

“As possible” contextualises us, and gives us the chance to acknowledge our present limitations, but infers that there will be a future. Right now we can do A but later on, it will be adapted to become B.